On 19 June 2018, three matches were held in FIFA World Cup 2018 which is held in Russia.

The first match of the day was between Colombia and Japan. On 19 June 2018, Japan played a match against Colombia with a marvellous victory of Japan 2-1 Colombia.On 19 June 2018, the second match of the day was against Poland and Senegal. The final score after the end of the match was Poland 1-2 Senegal.The last and final match on 18 June 2018 was between the host country "Russia" and "Egypt".


On 18 June 2018, three awesome matches were held in FIFA 18: World Cup which in Russia.

The first match was against Sweden and South Korea where Sweden came over a victory of 1-0 against South Korea on 18 June 2018.On 18 June 2018, Belgium and Panama went against each other in the second match of the day. Belgium came over with a marvellous victory scoring 3-0 goal against Panama.The last and final match on 18 June 2018 was between the two time World Champions "England" and "Tunisia". The final score after the match was Tunisia 1-2 England.


On 17 June 2018, three most awaited and awesome matches were held in FIFA 18: World Cup which is held in Russia.

Costa Rica and Serbia went against each other on 17 June 2018. Serbia came over with a victory of 0-1.One of the most awaited matches was between Mexico and the FIFA 14: World Cup Champion "Germany" on 17 June 2018. Mexico came up with the victory against the former World Cup champions scoring a goal by 1-0.The last and final match on 17 June 2018 was between the five-time World Champions "Brazil" and "Switzerland". The final score after the match was Brazil 1-1 Switzerland.


Croatia crowds celebrates after Croatia achieve a victory against Nigeria by 2-1.

On 16 June 2018, the last match was played between Croatia and Nigeria in FIFA 18: World Cup. Croatia is the country to achieve 3 red cards in the last four World Cup games. Croatia has lost their opening group game in each of their last three World Cups and finally won their first group game against Nigeria. This is the first match even between Croatia and Nigeria in the World Cup history.


France with the marvelous victory against Australia scoring 2-1.

On 16 June 2018, France played a match against Australia in the third day of the FIFA 18: World Cup. France has been qualified for the 15 time in the World Cup. It is the sixth appearance in a row. France has played against Australia on friendly match scoring a 1-0 victory. France has also won 2 World Cup in their past history whereas Australia hasn't won any World Cup in their history.

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